A wave of colour
is taking the world of wetsuits by storm.

Sydney-based designer Ashleigh Nicholls has ‘taken surf wear out of the dark ages’ and designed truly unique, beautiful yet functional fashion for surfers, sailboarders and water sports lovers worldwide.

  • One of the greatest joys in my life is surfing. They say only a surfer knows the feeling and it's very true, it's hard to describe the peace of looking out at the horizon waiting for the waves, the sun on your back, the breeze in their hair, the salt water on your soul.... the joy of being swaddled in thick black neoprene..(yup, that last bit.. not so much) That is until Ink in Water bought us all a fresh, vibrant, energetic take on what it means to be a surfer. To show the world how madly in love with life and the ocean we all are. Thanks Ashleigh for painting vibrancy back into the sea and reflecting the colourful heart of all of us surfers, one wettie at a time! I'm proud to 'Be Inked'

    Caroline Pemberton
    Caroline Pemberton Former Miss Australia
  • "Ink In Water wetsuits are as funky as they are functional! Being in the water all the time it’s great to have something different. Have more fun in INK!"

    Dean Gladstone
    Dean Gladstone Bondi Rescue Lifeguard
  • “I am stocked to be on the Ink In Water team, they’re some of the most comfortable wetsuits I’ve ever worn. Not to mention that you are sure to stand out in the crowd in these beautiful bold designs.”

    Anthony Glick
    Anthony Glick Bondi Rescue Lifeguard
  • “Ink In Water wetsuits are amazing! Having spent half of my professional sporting life in a wetsuit I always look for comfort and style. Put that together with beautifully bright colours and stylish cutting edge designs, you can see why they are my fashion favourites in the water. In my mind Ink In Water have combined my love for fashion and style into all my favourite water sports. I can’t go past them.”

    Lauryn Eagle
    Lauryn Eagle Boxer, Water Ski Champion, Model

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