5 Must-Have Products for Summer

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For our Australian contingent, summer is here and we’re ready to embrace the sun, surf and sand - if you live elsewhere, our sincere condolences!

We’ve all got our beach bodies sorted (that part was easy.) All you have to do is put swimmers on your body and hit the beach. Boom! That’s beach-body sorted!

But apart from your gorgeous bod, what else do you need to bring to the summer sesh? Read on, sun seekers - these are the 5 must have products for the perfect summer.

1. UPF 50+ Rash Vest

If you’re planning on having fun in the sun, get yourself a UPF 50+ rash vest.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and this is a system that measures how much of the sun’s radiation your clothing absorbs. The more radiation your clothing can absorb, the less will reach your luscious skin. INK in WATER gear is proud to be UPF50+.

A thin white cotton T-shirt is rated roughly UPF5+, meaning a 1/5th of the sun’s radiation can reach your skin. The good news is that only 1/50th of the sun’s radiation will make it through your stylin' INK rash vest.  

To find out more about the incredible science behind UPF material, read What Does UPF50+ Really Mean?

2. The Right Hat

Don’t head out under the sun without a hat protecting your pretty face! Wearing a hat provides you with extra-shade and protects your scalp.

If you’ve ever been sunburnt along the part in your hair, you’ll know how painful this can be! Wearing a hat also protects your hair from the summer sun. Why spend all that time getting highlights if you don’t plan on looking after them, right?

If you think hats are just for primary school kids and dorky dads, then we’ve got news for you! There are a wide variety of functional and fashionable hats on the market.

Take the uber chic Australian company Lack of Colour; their entire label is dedicated to creating stylish hats that make a statement. Creators Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury hail from Queensland - so you can trust them to keep you looking cool in the heat of the moment.  

3. A Sunscreen That Suits Your Skin

Don’t just reach for that tired old tube of sunscreen that’s rolling around in your car. Start 2019 off the right way by making your skin a priority.

First, ditch any sunscreens that are out of date. These sneaky creams are just sunburn waiting to happen. The expiration date is there for a reason guys - past this, and your sunscreen won’t protect your skin.

If you’re into your watersports you’ll need a tough, water resistant sunscreen. Not only does the sun shine on you when you’re surfing or paddleboarding, but it reflects off the water around you and bounces straight back (this reflected light is why we can also get burnt in the shade). 

For days that you don’t spend much time in the sun, a facial moisturiser that contains SPF is ideal. It won’t be as heavy as a sunscreen, so it’s perfect if you work indoors or just briefly walk from location to location. A facial moisturiser with SPF may also suit you if you have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to breaking out.

The SPF rating of sunscreen generally ranges from the very low 10+ to the standard 50+. Experts argue that what really matters is how often you reapply. So, remember to slap more on after towelling off!

4. Summer Hair Care

Pay attention gentlemen, because this includes you too! Summer can really put your hair through the wringer - lots of sun exposure, salt, sand, chlorine, the list goes on.

If you don’t want to get a telling off from your hairdresser at the end of the season, get your summer hair routine in place now. There are loads of enriching serums and hydrating products out there that will help you combat split ends and dryness.

There are even sun protection sprays made especially for your hair, because there’s no point getting that beautiful balayage done if you just let fry in the sun. Everyone’s hair is unique, so we recommend speaking to a hairdresser or researching online to find out what’s best for you and your hair.

Hot tip: Rinse your hair with cold, unchlorinated water before you dive into that pool. Your hair will be fully saturated and won’t be able to suck up the chlorinated pool water.

5. A Fast-Drying Towel

It’s 2019, there’s no need to be putting up with towels that take ages to dry. Nowadays you can get microfibre towels that dry in a hot minute with technology that allows sand to slip off easily. Don’t be that person that’s lying as stiff as a board on a soggy, small bathroom towel - show yourself some self-love!

Summer is here and we can smell the hot chips, so don’t let the sun catch you off-guard. With these 5 products to hand, you’ll be able to beat the heat with no problems at all.

By Amy Farrugia 

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